Saturday, July 6, 2013


i need a space and time for enjoying myself right now. would u give me that ?
i have to entertain myself rather than dying for depression
i have to. so lets enjoy 


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  1. Mmmm.. We enjoy doing bad things, but towards the end we can't help but feeling bad doing it. We dislike doing good things, but towards the end we can't help but feeling good for doing it. As we further do these things, regardless of whether its good or bad, the outcome is usually the same. The more you do bad things, the darker your heart becomes, the less guilty you feel for doing it as time passes by. The more you do good things, the lighter your heart becomes, the more you enjoy putting random smiles on others.

    The point I'm trying to say is simple. Whatever we do, no matter how simple it is, shapes who we are in the long run. Therefore, be very careful in choosing your next action.... it might be the worst regret you would carry for the rest of your life, and it might also be the best decision you ever made.

    dont repeat the same mistakes.. hope u'll be happy with ur upcoming life with no regret. jgn jadi mcm i, i always regret cz let u slip away.. hm..

    We must do our best, to pass the test. Just handle the mess, let fate handle the rest. =')